TSB Personal Loan

TSB has a variety of Personal Loans to choose from.Flexible repayment options are available meaning additional payments can be made as and at no additional cost.

Loan amounts range from $1000 to $30000 at a competitive fixed rate of 12.95 APR and loans can be repaid over one to five years. Repayment plans vary from weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments.  TSB also offers a debt consolidation service if customers take a loan with them.

The application process to get a personal loan is simple and easy, all applicants need to do is visit the TSB website and send them a message, visit a TSB branch and speak to an advisor or call TSB to discuss options over the phone. TSB will usually respond to  applications within 2 days however times can vary with each application. TSB will keep applicants informed as they process your application. TSB offers fast, easy and flexible opportunities for customers who want to get personal loan without hidden charges.

Loan and repayments can be managed using the Online or Mobile banking services offered by TSB, or alternatively customers can visit a branch or make additional payments over the phone.

Applying for a personal loan of $10000 over a repayment term of 48 months (4 years) monthly repayment fee would be $263 at a fixed interest rate of 12.95% per annum and a total amount payable of $12.640 along with $150 establishment fee.

With a fixed interest rate TSB make it easy to budget as applicants know exactly how much their repayment will be each and every month. This makes it simple to understand how much they’ll be repaying at their desired repayment interval and with no surprise fees or interest rate increases.

TSB may also be able to help customers with their personal loan in the event of unforeseen hardship which results in being unable to meet their repayments. Options include increasing the term of the loan which would reduce the monthly payment required, or setting up a payment holiday – or even both options together. These options are something which should be discussed with a TSB advisor prior to applying for a loan so that applicants understand the options available to them.