SBS Unsecured Personal Loan

People will find that getting an unsecured loan is not so easy, but in case there is an option applicants will be able to use it for a large variety of personal needs.

This could include, buying a new car, buying new appliances and furniture for your home, renovating your home, paying unexpected bills, sending children overseas or even going on the holiday you’ve always wanted. Customers can also consolidate their debt and combine all their bills and loans into one. SBS banks make it extremely easy to get personal loans online. If you a resident of New Zealand and you’re looking to take out a loan, SBS Banks unsecured option is extremely flexible to suit your any of your needs.

What are rates and costs?
Unsecured personal loan rates range from 16,95% to 29,95%. Say you get a loan of $5,000.00, over a 12 month term, at the lowest interest rate they have available of %16.95, your monthly repayments would be $487.29 per month, and the total amount payable by you would be $5,847.50. You could also choose to pay the loan in weekly installments, which would be at a cost of $121.82 per week. This makes no changes to the overall amount payable.

What do you need to do to secure a loan?
Firstly, to get a personal loan, you will need to be a citizen of New Zealand, have a bank account with SBS Banks, and be over the age of 18 years old. Once all criteria has been met, you can get a loan decision in literally minutes, have the money in your bank account within 24 hours and be ready to use it for whatever you may require. You may borrow your personal loan between $1,000 to $50,000 and you may arrange repayments that suit your budget.

SBS Bank also make repayments quite easy, as they will discuss payment plans that suit your needs, so you can pay, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The interest rate is agreed upon when before you take out the loan and won’t change over its term, allowing you to relax knowing that you won’t have your payments changing or going any higher.

If you happen to have any extra money, and you wish to make some extra repayments, then SBS Bank makes it easy to do and are happy for you to make any extra repayments on your personal loan.