Heartland Bank Personal Loan

Applying for a loan is driven by several needs such as consolidation of debts, vacation, wedding or any other special life event, settling of bills, buying a new car or renovation of a home.

When these needs arise, application for a personal loan may be an available option for one to get funds. Getting a loan is easy as just filling some forms with the required details. Sometimes the lender needs an assurance that the loan will be repaid; thus one has to provide a collateral as a security for the loan.

At Heartland Bank New Zealand, it is possible to get a loan without having to submit a collateral. It is referred to as an unsecured personal loan. The eligibility requirements for this loan include; one should be 18 years or above, be a resident of New Zealand, a good credit history, ID, and a prove that applicants can repay the loan such a tax returns receipts. At Heartland Bank New Zealand offers easy application process  for loans with competitive rates along with flexible repayment opportunities.

Personal loans online application has made it simple and effective to obtain a loan at Heartland Bank New Zealand. The application and approval process is fast. With an interest rate of 9.75% applied on a $20,000 to be repaid in 12 months, the total repayable amount will add up to a total of $21,072. The loan is offered as a personalized service entirely through local decision making and processing and thus flexible repayment options are allowed.

If an applicant meets all the eligibility requirements, they can get a loan of amount starting from $2,000 up to $50,000. This loan is offered at an interest rate ranging from 9.75% p.a. to 14.95% p.a. The interest rate depends on aspects such as; the amount one wants to borrow, the term of the loan, the credit history, and other financial commitments of the applicant. If a loan is not repaid in the agreed term an interest of 6% p.a, above the normal rate, is applied.

The loan application, approval, and account maintenance are also charged a small fee of; $222.00 establishment fee, $120.00 dealer/broker fee, $16.00 refund fee, $42.00 early settlement fee, and $5.00 statement fee. There are also other fees charged such as collections and modifications fee.