BNZ Personal Loan

BNZ Bank have multiple loan options available when trying to apply for personal loans online.

Their loan amounts range from $1000 to $30000 and they offer repayment schedules varying from as short as three months up to five years with an interest rate of 17.85% per annum. BNZ allow customers to make extra payments, or pay their loan off entirely before the end of their term with no early repayment charges or extra payment fees.

BNZ also offer Advanced Personal Loan Insurance which can help customers with payments in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as illness or accident, death, bankruptcy or redundancy. It is possible to use a BNZ loan to consolidate existing debts into one place.

Upon approval for a loan, existing BNZ customers will have instant access to the money they borrow. Each loan is subject to a loan facility fee of $50 and BNZ charge late payment fees of $15. Students and graduates can take advantage of a special interest rate at 12.65% per annum and BNZ will waive the loan facility fee if customer is a student, apprentice or recent graduate.

Applying for a Personal Loan is easy and straightforward, simply visiting the personal loans section of their website and click ‘Apply online’ or call their customer support team to speak to an advisor about the options which best fit customers needs. Customers can also request a call back by submitting their details and the details of the loan they would like, along with the best time to be in touch.

As an example loan, if a customers borrows $5000, over a 2 year term at 17.85% per annum, their monthly repayment would be $252 with the $50 loan facility fee included in the calculation.

Whenever or wherever applicants wish to view their loan balance, or make changes to their loan, including extra payments, they can use BNZ’s internet banking service which is available free of charge. It may be possible to top up their BNZ loan simply by filling out another application form with the desired extra amount they wish to borrow. If you have further enquires you may call at 0800 800 667 or you can make appointments at any branch in order to talk about your personal loans.