ANZ Personal Loan

ANZ provide a variety of options when looking for personal loans online and their loans can be used for a multitude of situations from a big ticket purchase to debt consolidation.

ANZ offers personal loans sums varying from $3,000 to $40,000, depending on your financial circumstances, at an interest rate starts from 13.90% per annum across a repayment term ranging from six months to seven years. ANZ also has also personal loan for Jumpstart account which is existing for students are under 21 and they are eligible to get their loan from $1,000.

To get a personal loan from ANZ applicants can visit their website and use the ‘apply now’ button, call their customer support team or visit an ANZ branch. Customers can also request a call back by registering their details online. Regardless of how applicants apply ANZ aim to respond to customers application within one working day of the day it is submitted. If the applicant is an ANZ Everyday Account holder it is possible for them to receive the loan the same day their application is approved.

Each loan, whether it’s first or an additional top-up loan, incurs an application fee of $115 ($0 for jumpstart account) which can be added to customers loan amount. ANZ also offer loan insurance to protect against anything serious preventing customers from making payments, such as illness, injury or death.

Repayments of ANZ personal loan can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit customers budget and the fixed interest rate means that customers will know exactly how much they have to pay for each repayment, therefore avoiding any surprises. Customers can make extra repayments whenever they wish at no additional cost meaning they can pay their loan off earlier and pay less interest.

As an example of a loan repayment structure, if a customer take a loan of $10,000 and pay it back over five years with an interest rate of 13.90% per annum their monthly payment would be $232. This would give them a total interest payable of $3,930 and an overall total payable of $13,930.

An online repayment calculator is available on the ANZ Personal Loans website where applicants can obtain an accurate idea of what repayments may cost them, including the total interest payable.